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A step by step guide to keeping Your content current | IWS Australia

Your website is usually the first interaction your potential customers have with your business, so you need to make a great first impression.   Broken links, stale and out of date content, poor quality images are amongst the first things that will lose their trust.  Keeping your website in good order is paramount in it’s (and your businesses) success.

Here are a few tips to help you stay on top of it.

Make a Date
Plan a meeting to discuss the websites goals and achievements.   Put a plan into action to re-fresh or create new content. Check the following important features;
— Are the phone numbers and address correct
— Have any staff changed and is the about us page current
— Are the products still relevant and up to date
— Are all the links working

Is it Functional
Has your website become cluttered and irrelevant?  Get rid of things that you no longer need or that are not regularly used.  Take advantage of new trends or modules that can improve your customers User Experience and improve your SEO.  Things like;
— Social Media Feeds
— Embedded Video
— Blogs
— Image Galleries
— Call to Actions

Keep it User Friendly
Put yourself in your customers shoes and test that your website is easy to navigate, searchable, and most of have a coherent flow.  If you can’t find information quickly then you might need to re-think the website structure.

Meet with your Web Designer
Set up a regular meeting with your Website Designer to discuss modern trends, latest technology and ways to improve your websites functionality.  Your web designer should be up to date with the latest trends and can advise you the best possible improvements that will suit your target audience and budget.

Please contact us for more information

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