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I.W.S. Internet Web Solutions was founded in 1999 by Geoffrey Lee in Melbourne, Australia and continues to be an industry leader both here in Australia and in North America.  I.W.S. has achieved longevity in the Website Development business through our ability to Listen, Learn and Understand our clients’ needs and objectives.

Our team of Website Designers, Programmers and Website Developers are committed to providing you with a comprehensive website service.  With 16 years’ experience we know what will work for your business.

With experience comes knowledge. Knowing how users will interact with your website is a critical to being able to create a design that will work for you.

User Experience (UX) is understanding your target audience and the goals of your website to create a design that places the important elements in the right places to maximise your impact.

You have approximately 50 milliseconds to capture a visitor’s attention when they come to your website so you have to make an Immediate impact.

We will explain every step in the process without the techno Mumbo Jumbo so you understand exactly how your website works.

Geoffrey Lee

  Geoffrey Lee - Founder

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