Chinook Power Corp.

Chinook Power Corp.


Chinook Power Corp is a renewable energy company formed to deliver clean, cost-effective, reliable, green energy to commercial markets. Chinook Power’s sites have the potential to meet their long term goal of 200MW of energy and return exceptional value to their stakeholders.

The Challenge:

The challenge was to make a website for an industry that is sometimes considered relatively boring, and create a website that will engage the audience and create some excitement about the future of renewable energy sources.

The Solution:

We built a WordPress website and added a video of wind air streams to the sliding banner which immediately creates interest.  The next step was to quickly and clearly explain how “clean energy” works and promote the three major areas of the business.  There is a small amount of technical information that we have laid out in a clear non-confusing way so it is easily read.

The Nuts & Bolts:

Year Built: 2015


Platform: WordPress

Technologies: HTML, HTML5, PHP, JavaScript, Ajax,

Features: Google Maps, Video

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