Hollett Real Estate Advisors


Hollett Real Estate Advisors

Ken Hollett specialises in real estate valuation, advisory and review services throughout British Columbia. Some of the areas he is involved in are:

  • Inspect the subject property
  • Review strata plans
  • Interview representatives of the owners
  • Review the legal documents of the Strata Corporation
  • Review the financial situation
  • Prepare an inventory and quantification
  • Research and estimate anticipated repair and maintenance costs
  • Prepare financial forecasts

The Challenge:

To create a professional website that talks to the clients target audience using the right colour schemes and imagery that will entice the potential client to engage with Hollett Real Estate Advisors.  I guess we were charged with the job of making Depreciation Reports sexy.

The Solution:

We created a WordPress website that featured a banner slider highlighting the different areas of the business with links to those areas.  Using the rule of “Threes” we highlighted the three main areas of the business, included a big “Call to Action” and a contact us form on the home page.

The Nuts & Bolts:

Year Built: 2015

URL: www.bcdepreciationreports.ca

Platform: WordPress

Technologies: HMTL, HTML5, Ajax, JavaScript, PHP, CSS

Features: Banner Slider, Image Gallery, Contact Form, Review Marketing.

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