Perimeter Ltd

Perimeter Ltd.

Perimeter Ltd. is a Vancouver based business specialising in various areas home and commercial maintenance.

  • Perimeter Drainage
  • Perimeter Mini Bins
  • Perimeter Oil Tank Removal
  • Team Perimeter (Ride to Conquer Cancer)

The Challenge:

Perimeter Ltd. have three divisions to their business, so our challenge was to encompass them into one site with each division having their own pages.  They also wanted to create a mobile version of their website with cut down content for quick access when people were in a crisis and needed help pronto.

The Solution:

IWS created a site that had divisions for each area of their business, with landing pages, menus, contact forms and content that was individually focused on that area.   We created a mobile version of their website that had less content than their main site, big buttons and concrete “call to actions” so people could contact them quickly in case of flood or other emergencies.

The Nuts & Bolts:

Year Built: 2013


Platform/CMS: Modx Revolution

Technologies: HTML, HTML5, PHP, Ajax, JavaScrpt

Features: Image Galleries, Blog, Image Sliders, Twitter Feeds, Contact Forms.

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