Wendell Phillips Photojournalist


Wendell Phillips

Wendell Phillips is a Vancouver based photojournalist with thirty four years of experience in editorial and human development photography.

He is the recipient of 31 Picture-of-the-Year awards from North American news organisations; as well as winner of two National Magazine Awards.

The Challenge:

To create a website that will showcase Wendell Phillips the photo journalist in a clean, professional manner so visitors can easily access his images, field notes and speaking engagements.  We wanted to keep with dark colours so the images stand out more clearly.

The Solution:

We created a responsive WordPress website for Wendell that he can easily manage himself to change text and images.  It was important that we had the image descriptions with each thumbnail so the viewer can get the story and technical information on each image.

The Nuts & Bolts:

Year Built: 2015

URL: www.wendellphillips.com

Platform: WordPress

Technologies: HTML, HTML5, Ajax, JavaScript, Php

Features: Image Galleries, Blog

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