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Quick User Experience study for your website | IWS Australia

Companies spend thousands of dollars performing User Experience (UX) tests on their websites to make sure that it works to its full potential.  This is not always possible for smaller businesses so here are a few tips that can alert you to user experience problems for free.

Use your existing resources to critique your site.   Spouse, Friends, Family, Colleagues, trusted clients etc.   Most people are happy to offer their opinions for free as long as the questionnaire is not too long.  Some of your friends may require beer or wine as an incentive, but either way please ask them to be brutally honest.

Ask them about their experience visiting your website.

Does the colour scheme suit our business?
The science of colour is very important in attracting the right clientele.

How effective is our branding?
Is it recognisable, legible and appropriate for your industry.

Did you know what to do?
Are your “call to actions” efficient.  People need to be directed to make the next move

Could you find what you were looking for?
Is the navigation easy to use and does it flow intuitively.

Did you find our contact details easily?
If users have to go searching for your contact details or phone number then you have a problem.
Was the experience confusing?
KISS (Keep it Simple Stupid) is important as if your site is confusing or overly complicated then you will lose your audience.

What do they like about the website?
Ask what they really liked about your website so you know what is working.

What do they dislike about the website?
Find out what is not working and either fix it or remove it.

How does the website look on Mobile Devices?
If your website does not function properly on mobile devices then you have lost ¾ of your audience already.

What would you type into Google to find us?
This will allow you to target the right keywords in your content.  Sometimes what you think the right search words are is not what your customers are typing in.

These are just a few questions that can help make your website a real money maker.

Please contact us for more information.

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