Seven Step System to a Successful Website

How the website development process works.

The 7 Steps

Our website process is well orchestrated so you can understand and follow the 7 steps to building a website that will suit your needs and talk to your “Ideal Client” easily and convert visitors to customers.

1: Website Brief

This is where we explore, learn and understand your websites goals.  We compile a comprehensive brief and create goals and KPI’s for your website.

2: Plan the UX design

User Experience (UX) is fundamental for the success of your website. If your visitors can’t find the right information instantly then you will lose them.

3: Design Layouts

Now the fun begins.  We explore the colours, fonts, images and put all the elements together to create a stunning website.

4: Website Creation / Programming

This is where all the technical work is done.  We install WordPress and the relevant Plugins and complete any custom programming that is required.

5: Content

Now its time for the content.  We create all the pages and start adding the content of the website so that it is easily consumed by your visitors. This can be the stumbling block of the website process if you are not organised.  Please talk to us about our Copy Writing packages that will help you get great copy on your website.

6: SEO / Testing / Final Tweaks

Its time to do the Search Engine Optimisation on all the pages, add any last minute changes and test the website so that it displays nicely no matter what device you are viewing the website on.

7: Go Live

Champagne corks are popping; streamers are flying and its time to celebrate your new website. Congratulations!  We now make sure that your website in indexed by Google and you have Google Analytics installed so you can monitor your website traffic.  It is also time to choose the right Website Maintenance plan that will suit your needs.

Learn how to get the most out of your website.


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