Why 90% of Websites Fail

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Over 90% of Websites Fail - This is Why…

Most websites fail to reach their audience because they are not targeting the right customers.  What most people fail to take into account when they build a website is who they are building it for.

Thinking that you ideal customer is everyone is not going to work because you are not going to catch everyone.  Using a scatter gun approach on a website will not produce the results you are looking for.

To get the best results you need to focus your website on you ideal customer.  Your ideal customer is the one who brings the most business, spends big, pays on time, is completely loyal, and recommends you to everyone.
You need to know all there is to know about your perfect customer.
By following our formula you will have the skills to create a website that will talk directly to your perfect customer, addressing their concerns, quelling their fears, finding solutions to their problems, and thus converting visitors into long term loyal customers.


Website Fails

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